Polderhuis B&B

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About us


Mieke has lived for many years with Leon and daughters Floor, Lea and Iris in the adjacent residential part of the Polderhuis. She was born and raised in Bergschenhoek and knows the area, the local entrepreneurs and many residents like no other. She is the hostess on the team and speaks English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. So with her everyone is in good hands


Marc was born in The Hague, but moved at the age of 30 to Berkel en Rodenrijs, the neighboring village, where he has lived ever since. For several years now with his husband Pieter. In various paid and unpaid social functions he has always enjoyed giving others a good time and entertaining them. He likes to tell you about all the activities there are to do in the area


Pieter was born in Berkel and Rodenrijs. Pieter has been actively involved in “Herenboeren de Vlinderstrik. He believes it is important that food production can be more sustainable and conscious. In addition, producing together, like eating together, contributes to connection between people. An initiative that also fits well with the way we design our Bed & Breakfast.
Furthermore, as an architect he was able to make the team’s ideas regarding the conversion of the Polderhuis into a Bed & Breakfast a reality.


Leon has lived in the Polderhuis since 1985. He too was born and raised in Bergschenhoek and knows the village like no other. In his younger years Leon gained catering experience in the youth box that was located in the Polderhuis until about 1992.
He is the all-rounder in our team. Among other things, he is the landscaper of the more than 500 m2 garden around the Polderhuis.